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A and J Entertainment

AD HOC Entertainment

A DJ for Hire

A Touch of Class Music
AudioFile Solutions

Audio production services including audio editing, video editing, conference call recording, PowerPoint recording, CD/DVD duplication, and transcription services.

Avant Acoustic Records

Ayre Acoustics

Big Bender Records

Crooked Canyon Entertainment

Degy Entertainment

edisc, a Denver Colorado-based company, specializes in delivering CD and DVD duplication and replication for those who need a reliable solution, including DVD authoring and premastering. We provide a wide range of printing and packaging solutions for your CD and DVD project and will customize a fulfillment & distribution solution for your complex requirements.

Endit! Presents

etown is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to produce high quality programs of diverse music and conversation in order to entertain, educate and engage a wide audience in appreciating and protecting our cultural and natural resources.

Fist Music

Gestalt Records

Grant R. Productions
I am a 501(3) non-profit. The mission of, is to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the musical arts, with a primary focus on the promotion of affordable and accessible musical events featuring stringed instruments. The Company intends to offer services, training and education to aspiring artists, writers and performers at all levels of expertise, including but not limited to music theory, song-writing, copyrights protection of original works, publishing and licensing agreements, booking, marketing, tour management and promotional services, and recording services, including training in the operation and use of sound recording equipment. In addition, the Company may do everything necessary, suitable or proper for the accomplishment of any of its corporate purposes.
Hapi Skratch Entertainment

The Rocky Mountain region's top production and distribution company provides bands, artists and labels with a variety of services including CD/DVD manufacturing, graphic design, product distribution, web services, promotion and more.

Love Notes

Madison House Entertainment

Nobody In Particular Presents

Peneplain Music

Scout Records
USA Talent Agency

USA Talent Agency is dedicated to providing First Class Entertainment for all your Special Event needs. The entertainment is the most important part of your event. Our expertise in booking can be a valuable tool when looking to secure talent. USA Talent Agency has more than 30 years experience in the talent agency business.

We can book your entertainment from our list of entertainers and performers. If you do not see an artist that you are interested in, just tell us the artist or the type of performer you are looking for and we will make the arrangements for you.

You can have us just handle the contracting of the talent, or we can act as a producer and handle that entire portion of your event. We'll do all the work so you can concentrate on other tasks at hand.

Let us help you book the regional or national talent that is suitable for your audience, appropriate for your event and is an excellent value for your budget. You can avoid costly errors and scheduling mistakes by hiring us. In addition, we guarantee our performers.


Colorado music suppliers and DJs.

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